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USA Basketball : 13 men and 12 spots.

Posted on: August 22, 2010 6:13 pm
The USA plays their first real game August 28th against Croatia and by then one of the current 13 men on the team will be sent home. I cant even imagine how tough of a decision this must be Coach K and the rest of the USA basketball coaching staff but in my opinion the player to go should be Russell Westbrook. This is tough for me to say because he is one of my favorite players in the NBA but I just dont think that he offers anything that Team USA doesnt have in Derrick Rose. Its been well documented that Team USA's biggest weakness is their outside shooting and that is Russell's biggest problem. Team USA needs shooters and Steph Curry and Eric Gordon provide that. From the International games that i have watched it seems to me that the 3 point line is crucial in the International game and that Russell doesnt provide that. Russell is a monster athlete and a great on the ball defender but like I said as is Derrick Rose. Eric Gordon is a guard that can get to the rim and hit the outside jay and Steph has done a great job setting up other players and hitting shots. Many would argue that we need both Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose to press and cause turnovers but Steph did an excellent job on Rubio today picking him up full court and i think Steph has the quickness and shooting touch it takes to excel in the Fiba game and Team USA didnt even use Rondo today and he would be a great on the ball defender as well. In conclusion i think that the man to go should unfortunately be Russell Westbrook.

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